Posted by: palmerpartnering | March 4, 2012

Street beautification & improvement

Now that the Upper Jarvis area is identified with street signage, we are focusing attention on the improvement and beautification of our streets and streetscapes, starting with two major peripheral arteries.

Both Jarvis and Sherbourne are presently slated for upgrades, and in some ways, the projects are inter-related.

  • Sherbourne will be re-paved in 2012, with bike lanes (either “separated” or otherwise) included.    This paving project will not be repeated for decades and we want to ensure that we get it right.     The UJNA wants the City’s 2012 Sherbourne initiative to include street beautification and improvement –  sidewalk widening, tree planting, street art, enhanced lighting, etc.
  • The re-design of Jarvis Street, including the future of the presently-removed centre ‘reversible lane’, will likely follow the Sherbourne work.   It is the City’s plan to remove the Jarvis bike lanes once Sherbourne is complete.

The UJNA wants a say in how these projects proceed.


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