Posted by: palmerpartnering | March 4, 2012


The UJNA is eager to expand its reach to connect with more residents of our area.   To do this, we need a more effective and robust communications strategy.   We are looking for suggestions and assistance in making this happen, and have established a Communications subcommittee of the Association to lead this initiative.

  • What information do residents want?
  • What information do corporate neighbours want?
  • What format[s] best suit this communication?  (e.g.  web, letter drop, newsletter, town hall meetings, neighbourhood get-togethers, etc.)
  • How often should we communicate?
  • With whom?

Over the past decade Upper Jarvis has become the home to a large number of renters and condo buyers.   These residents are under-represented in our UJNA membership.    We are anxious to connect with these new neighbours and find out if and how they would like to become involved in the future of our area.

  • Do the concerns and interests of renters differ from those of owners?    How?
  • How do condo owners feel about the neighbourhood?    Do they care about maintaining the low-rise residential profile of the area?    What are their interests and concerns?

We are looking at ways to gain feedback and poll our residents so we can meet their needs.


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