Posted by: palmerpartnering | March 5, 2012

Influencing upcoming developments

There are several significant properties either on the market or under development in the Upper Jarvis neighbourhood.    A key UJNA 2012 priority is to influence these developments or potential developments in accordance with our Development Vision/guidelines.

The properties we are watching are:

  • the ETFO project nearing completion at Isabella and Huntley.
  • the Rogers’ land assembly comprising the townhouses and B&B along Isabella east of the existing Rogers tower plus the apartment and other buildings along Huntley north of Isabella
  • the Selby Hotel (presently on the market)
  • the Sacre Coeur school property on Linden (to be vacated in September 2012)
  • the 10 Huntley Street parking lot property on the market for development along Jarvis
  • Casey House’s plans on Isabella at Huntley
  • The tower application (plus parking lot) at the old Groundhog Pub location on Bloor

Details of each are provided at Developments.


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