James Cooper Mansion – 582 Sherbourne

In 1881, we know that this property was in the hands of Charles Soper, a tailor.   Between 1881 and 1882 James Cooper, a Toronto importer, manufacturer and retailer of shoes, was responsible for commissioning the construction of the house and by 1882 he resided here.  The resulting eight bedroom mansion reflects the area’s then-affluent prestige and the City of Toronto has designated this handsome house as a heritage property on account of its age and Second Empire architectural style.

In 1910, the Knights of Columbus bought the property for $26,500 and operated it until 2005, after which it was brought by the developler, Tridel.

In exchange for height and density increases, Tridel preserved the historic house and moved it forward on the property to maintain its connection with Sherbourne Street.     The move was billed as the “largest structural move of a single family home” in Canada’s history.   The house weighed approximately 800 tons.

A 32 story ‘point’ condo tower is now attached to it by a glass atrium and sits to its west.      After much discussion, the neighbourhood association supported this deviation from its development guidelines in order to preserve this valuable historic property.  The Cooper Mansion now provides condo residents with their amenities and entertainment space.

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