Mary Perram House – 4 Wellesley Place

Photograph by Elena De Gregorio

This house was constructed in 1877 for widow Mary Perram.  The architect is unknown.  We know that Mary Perram lived at 505 Church Street from 1874-1876, then lived at 4 Wellesley Place until 1878. After this date, according to City directories, she no longer lived at a Toronto address.

Structural evidence indicates that the house was constructed in two phases. This is evident from differences in ceiling heights and an exterior wall inside the structure.   From 1909 to 1913, Mary Perram House stood vacant. In 1913, Commander Frederick Law acquired the property.   It was then sold to the Sisters of Service in 1923. Between 1923 and 1925, 4 Wellesley Place operated as a hostel for immigrant women. Then in 1950 the Sisters of Service used the house as a residential club for girls

By the early 1970s, another change of ownership took place. Princess Margaret Hospital opened offices and research facilities on the property.

Until 2005, the White Light Hospice operated out of the house. The hospice continues, now known as Perram House.

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