December 2007

Meeting held at Our Lady of Lourdes

December 5, 2007 at 7:00 pm

Chris Crane – President, Jacqueline Jordan – Vice President, Brian Bagley – Secretary/ Treasurer

Attendance: 9 UJNA members

1. Review of Minutes

Brian Bagley confirmed that a quorum was present. Approval of the October 5, 2007 and December 5, 2007 meeting minutes was deferred to the March 5, 2008 meeting.

2. Review of Action Items

Brian Bagley noted that action items will be dealt with in the course of the meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Brian Bagley provided an update on the financial position of the UNJA. The account balance as of October 31, 2007 was $2,379.16. A discussion was held regarding the possible introduction of membership fees for participating in the UJNA election and votes. Further discussion was deferred to a future meeting.

4. Neighbourhood Branding

The UJNA is interested in establishing a community brand.  Proposed brand names put forward by UJNA members present at the meeting were:

  • Mansion District
  • Heritage District
  • Founders Estates
  • Heritage Estates
  • Jarvis Estates

Community branding would entail new street signs throughout the area. These would use the new city standard street sign with community branding along the top. The cost of the signs is approximately $100.00 per sign and would be funded through the UJNA. The UJNA area will require approximately 30 signs.

An extensive discussion was held with contributory comments from all present.    There was great support for names such as: Mansion District, Jarvis Estates, Heritage District and general consensus that something related to the history of the area should be included in the name or something referring to the 1880’s.

It was agreed that the UJNA will circulate a paper flyer to the community seeking input on the brand name before the next meeting. It was further agreed that the UJNA Executive will shortlist proposed Brand Names and prepare a ballot for a vote by the UJNA membership on March 5th 2008.

5. Officer Elections

The annual election of officers for the UJNA will take place on March 5, 2008.

Those interested in standing for election to the office of president, vice-president or secretary Brian Bagley no later than two weeks prior to the election date and must already be in member in UJNA.

6. Update on the Community Redevelopment Projects

  • 500 Sherbourne – Construction has begun, the existing laneway between the site and Our Lady of Lourdes will be expanded upon project completion.
  • Verve (Wellesley and Jarvis) – well under construction. Building to be 34 stories when complete.
  • Jarvis Mansions (Jarvis St.) – the developer has gone into receivership; media reports indicate owners who invested four year ago will have the option to repurchase at current market prices.
  • Casey House – No longer considering expand the Isabella St. property.

Traffic Light at Earl Place and Jarvis to be installed. Kyle Rae anticipates the installation will be complete by the end of the year.

The city is in the process of considering adding bike lanes on Wellesley St between Parliament St. and Queens Park.

Transportation Services at the City of Toronto has nearly completed the sub-surface utility engineering review as part of the assessment of proposed changes to Jarvis Street. A public consultation, previously planned for December has bee deferred until early in 2008. A Community Advisory Committee is being established and the UJNA will participate on that Committee.

Pending feedback from the Committee, a further consultation will be held later in the Spring after which a report will be made to the Dept of Public Works and Infrastructure.

Upcoming UNJA scheduled meeting dates:

Wednesday March 5 @7:00, Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Wednesday May 7 @7:00, Location to be determined

“Chris Crane” “Brian Bagley”

Confirmed: March 5, 2008

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