April 2010

Minutes of the Meeting April 7th, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Wellesley Community Centre, 495 Sherbourne Street – Room B

Brian Bagley – President, Dennis Magill – Vice President, Joni Lindsay and George Wall – Treasurer, Mary Proulx – Secretary

Attendance: 9 Members

Meeting started promptly at 7:00 pm. Closed at 8:50 pm

1. Review of Minutes

Brian confirmed a quorum was present and distributed draft copies of the minutes from the February 3rd, 2010. Minutes approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Joni provided an update on the financial position of the UNJA. The account balance as of December 31 was $1,744.40, no activity since.

3. Election

No nominations for President, VP and Treasurer were received, the existing executive will continue their roles for another year. Mary Proulx volunteered to be Secretary.

4. Review of Action Items

  •  UJNA Website:    Site has not been updated in one year. Robert volunteered to update.    ACTION: Robert and Brian to meet to discuss
  • Update on by-law amendments

Wayne and Brian have spoken on several occasions about the bylaws. Items of interest include Proxy Voting and possible voting vs non voting class members. Possible changes will be discussed at our next meeting.   ACTION: Wayne Drewry

  •  Street Signage

 UJNA have discussed since 2008 with Heritage, Transportation, and after much discussion agreed on “Upper Jarvis.’ Funding secured for 34 signs from Tridel under Section 45 contributions. Mock up signs were shown at the meeting.

 Members had a preference the ‘since 1863’ heritage logo.   Members agreed to target a shortlist if possible by email before next meeting, in order to get in place by the end of the year.

ACTION: Robert will mock up more designs to share with members, and discuss at next meeting

  •  UJNA Vision Document

 Chris brought forward concern and asked that UJNA Vision Document prepared in 2006 be revisited, stating the need because of the number of new developments likely in the area.
ACTION: Mary and Susanne to bring the document to the UJNA Site Committee for discussion and update

 5. Policing Update

Audrey Burton, UJNA Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) member provided a police update. In general no issues to report.    Brian reminded the group that to report issues of safety concern to the Toronto police at 416.808.2222 in order to better protect our neighbourhood. It is only once police are made aware of safety threats that they can divert attention to the require area or situation.

  •  51 Division Contact Information
  • Phone: 416-808-5100
  • Radio Room for non-emergency calls: 416.808.2222
  • Unit Commander: Superintendent John Tanouye, 2nd in Charge: Inspector Heinz Kuck
  • Community Response Unit Manager: Staff Sergeant Graham Queen – 416.808.5152
  • Community Relations Officer: Constable Peter Cullingford – 416.808.5108
  • Crime Prevention Officer: Constable Joseph Smith – 416.808.5187
  • UJNA recognized and applauded Audrey’s volunteer service to the community, and her well deserved recent award for 15 years of volunteer service presented by the Toronto Police. Thank you Audrey.

6. Update from City Hall   – Ryan Lahr

  • Brian has submitted a request with the Toronto and East York District Traffic Operations, Transportation Services, to conduct a visual inspection of Isabella and Sherbourne during weekday evenings between 4:00 -6:00pm.
  • Water line replacement along Selby, Earl, Huntley have resulted in uneven asphalt. Please report any hazardous pavement to the project engineer – Niko Kalo at 416-338-5558 – or nkalo@toronto.ca. Permanent repairs will be made by the summer.
  • There has been a request put forward to the transportation department for an installation of red light camera on north bound Jarvis at Isabella
  • Jarvis Street redevelopment – after environment scan and community consultation, the centre lane will be removed and bike lanes added to an extended sidewalk.
  • Parking issue for Wellesley-Perrin House area – deferred until neighbourhood parking assessment done after construction over.

6. Community Update –>  Update from the Site Committee

 Mary Proulx said a small committee will be reinstated with interested members, meeting will take place at 6:30 pm – in advance of the UJNA meeting. New committee volunteers welcome.

Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario
City Planning staff continue to assess the application. Michael Hynes has taken over this project effective April 6th. A community open house is scheduled for April and report expected in June.

James Cooper Mansion Update

  •  Currently pouring concrete on the 20th floor.
  • Installing windows 5&6th floors
  • Precast stone being installed on the building – is ongoing
  • Dry walling has just started
  • Rooftop floor by July 2010.

(No work occurs on statutory holidays and Sundays. Weekdays no earlier start than 7:00 am, and Saturday’s no earlier than 8:00 am)

If you live in the area and are inconvenienced by construction or need information about this project, contact Site Project Manager – Shawn Closs 416-972-6358, or Project Manager Adam Kaczuga 416-736-2555 x 595.

Concerns about a Rogers Huntley/Isabella land assembly

Rogers  says it is  not aware of any property acquisition by it at this intersection.  City Planner (Michael Hynes) has not been made aware of property acquisition on the past year.    City Hall has not been made aware of any property acquisition.

Casey House

Awaiting 2nd phase approval before we can proceed to the planning stage for the new development.

  • Received 1st phase approval in 2006
  • No change in the status of development
  • Continuing to meet Ministry of Health and the Toronto Central LHIN
  • The Grey Lady

• if approved, capital expansion plan will include the Grey Lady being renovated and featured prominently in the new building
• have replaced the roofing and we should see the scaffolding removed from the north side of the building shortly.

North St. James Town Planning Framework

Community Consultation Meeting Thursday, March 11, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Rose Avenue Public School, 675 Ontario Street, General Purpose Room (Small Gymnasium)


Allison Meistrich, Senior Planner, Community Planning, Downtown Section, Tel: 392-7363, Fax: 392-1330, email: ameistr@toronto.ca


  • Revision of 2006 UJNA Vision Document – Mary and Susanne
  • Update needed about Casey House development – Mary
  • Update needed about ETFO – Wayne
  • Update needed about potential school move on Linden – Mary
  • Update about Rogers intention for Huntley Street – Wayne

Membership Statistics

  • 105 members in total (with email addresses)
  • 30 members new since 2006
  • 30 members asked to be removed since 2006
  • 30 business contacts.
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