August 2012 – Minutes


Casey House, 9 Huntley St.
Wednesday, August 1st 2012 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Brian Bagley – President, Dennis Magill – Vice President, Mary Proulx – Secretary, Chris Kowal– Treasurer

Deferred until Next Meeting
• Parking discussion and poll

1. Review and approval of minutes from June 6th, 2012
Brian Bagley confirmed that a quorum was present with ten members, and distributed draft copies of the minutes from the June 6th, 2012

Requested a motion to approve the Feb 1st minutes, Chris Kowal approved, and second by Audrey Burton. Held a vote with all in favour.

2. Treasurer’s Report
Bank balance at this time, as last time – $1,509.66 with no transactions in three months.

3. Audrey Burton – sadly leaving the UJNA – there was sincere thanks given to Audrey for all of her work to support the UJNA and leadership of our Neighbourhood Watch.

4. Community Police Liaison Committee – Bob will now be the UJNA CPLC representatives. Sergeant Geoffrey Hesse will be moving to become the sergeant of the Major Crimes unit.

5. Update from the residence. Bring your idea’s or topics of concern that you would like to share with the group

Casey House
• Pleased to report that the project was approved by both Toronto and East York Community Council as well as Toronto Preservation Board. Currently working with the City on some legal paperwork and expect that the project will be approved by Toronto City Council on October 2nd.
• With respect to the Province of Ontario, Casey House expects to receive Ministry approval to proceed to Stage Three in the near future. Then, detailed design work will begin.

Bike Lanes
• Wellesley: Toronto Cycling Infrastructure staff has been given the go-ahead to begin consultations for separated bike lanes extending from St. George Street to Parliament. Targeted implementation 2013
• Jarvis Street: Province of Ontario is considering a legal request that the removal of the Jarvis bike lanes be given a more robust environmental assessment before implementation.

OMB Reform Update
• Councillor Wong-Tam, along with Councillors Josh Matlow and Peter Milczyn, recently met with Minister Wynn to inform her of Toronto’s position on the OMB, though the province has provided no response.

Parking Meters
• Council approved changes to Toronto’s on-street machine and metered rates – the first increase since 2007. The new rates range from $2.25 to $4 an hour, depending on location. Overall, the changes raise the average hourly rate from the current $1.92 an hour to $2.13 an hour.
• Council amended the current parking ticket cancellation guidelines to implement a 10-minute grace period, instead of the current five minutes

Jarvis Street Cultural corridor
• It is safe to say that Councillor Wong-Tam is still hopeful that we can prevent the bike lanes from being removed and continue the discussion about the Jarvis Cultural Corridor, but much of it is up in the air right now. She would appreciate the continued support of UJNA and other resident associations to continue to advocate against the reinstatement of the 5th lane and for further community consultation.

• Selby Hotel (592 Sherbourne Street, Gooderham Mansion) application put forward to the City for 499 units, 52 floors, three story podium, 229 parking; Diamond Corporation. Retail at ground level of the historic and designed by Chicago firm BKL Architecture.

• Sacre Cour – 90 period ending mid September, before going to tender

• The Hammerhead at Earl and Huntley has been repaired again.

Upcoming Meeting Dates
• Wednesday October 3rd 7:00pm – 333 Bloor Street – Rogers
• Wednesday December 5th 7:00pm – Casey House


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