December 2010

CMeeting held at Casey House,  9 Huntley Street

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Brian Bagley – President, Dennis Magill – Vice President, Joni Lindsay – Treasurer

Attendance: 18 Members plus 7 guests

Meeting started promptly at 7:00 pm. Closed at 9:00 pm

1. Review of Minutes

Brian confirmed a quorum was present and distributed draft copies of the minutes from the September 8th, 2010. Brian requested a motion to approve the minutes, this was made & seconded. Minutes were to a vote an all approved.

2. Treasurers Report

Joni provided update on the financial position of the UNJA. The account balance as of October 29th, 2010 was $1,745.27, only change in position was interest earned.

3. Review of Action Items

Flier Delivery:   Executive to follow-up on design and print costs.

Linden Street:  Follow-up with new councillor in January to request they bring a motion to Community Council and direct staff to report on allowing two-way traffic

Casey House:   Presentation to be heard at this meeting

Pay & Display parking:   Notice of compliant sent to the City about the process

4. Police Update

The Toronto Police were present and provided a community update. Year to date statistics for the area bound by Bloor / Carlton / Jarvis / Parliament included 68 break & enters (up from 49 in 2009). Street robberies are up by one over 2009 numbers. Police recently arrested 6 people in the area that resulted in 200 charges being laid.

The police were made aware of the communities concern with the sex trade workers along Wellesley and Homewood. It is believed the activity may not move northward given the frequent us of the new Wellesley Magill Park by local residence and dog walkers. The police were also made aware of concern with the laneway between Selby & Linden parallel to Huntley.

Residents are urged to call 51 community response unit at 416.808.5119 to report suspicious activity. The community response unit can immediately dispatch the bicycle unit for investigation. The radio room should be contacted for non emergency reports at 416.808.2222.

5. Update from Casey House

Todd Ross from Casey house provided an update. Casey House has received further approval for their capital redevelopment project. Their current need outspend the existing location, there is an increase need to expand its day health program. 1 in 120 people in Toronto now live with HIV/AIDs.

Siamak Hariri from Hariri Pontarini Architects provided a development update. The proposed development will exist along the south side of Isabella between Huntley and Jarvis. The Johnson Mansion at 571 Jarvis Street will be joined with a new structure, the building will be 3 stories with the exception of 6 stories at the far west side of the development near Jarvis Street. The existing coach house at the corner of Huntley and Isabella is to be torn down to accommodate the new building. The coach house is historically listed.

6. Rogers Update

David Avery from Rogers joined to provide an update on activity at the campus. Rogers is currently resurfacing their parking garage and this is expected to have a temporary increase in activity at the Huntley Street entrance. Rogers will be working within the city work permit guidelines. David confirmed he is unaware of any plans for expansion of the campus and that the existing location meets it current staffing need. If there is the need to contact Rogers about neighbourhood related issues, please contact Lesley Doherty,, 416.935.6958.

6. Community Update

  • Copies of the finalized Street signs were handed out. Installation should begin in April
  • North St. James development updates are available at The next Community Consultation will be held in the Spring 2011.
  • 395 – 403 Bloor Street development updates are available at The architect is Page and Steele Architects
  • 15 Huntley – Construction to begin in spring 2011. updates are available at
  • James Cooper Mansion – Occupancy begins February 15, 2011. Art work installation to be completed mid January.
  • Parking – Pay and Display Parking in the area has been installed. Next UJNA meeting will include an agenda item to discussion residence feedback.
  • Historical District Designation – Further investigation will be done to review viability of naming our community a historical district.
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