December 2012 – Minutes


Casey House – 9 Huntley Street
Wednesday, December 5th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Brian Bagley – President, Dennis Magill – Vice President, Mary Proulx – Secretary, Chris Kowal– Treasurer

1. Community Police Liaison Committee
Update was provided by Carol Buer: who reported that area crime statistics were down 47% over the past six month period, but reminded everyone to call radio room when we see suspicious behaviour (416 808 2222). Also concern about graffiti in area, and residents urged to call get removed as soon as possible.

2. Review and approval of minutes from October 3rd, 2012
Mary Proulx confirmed that a quorum was present with 13 & 3 guests
Distributed draft copies of the minutes from the October 3rd 2012
Requested a motion to approve the October 3rd minutes, Dennis McGill moved and Chris Kowal seconded. Vote held with all in favour.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Bank balance as of October 31st 2012 was $1,510.04

4. Councillor office report – there was not a representative in attendance
• Pay & Display in our community – there are no plans to remove pay & display in the UJNA area due to the removal of the bike lanes on Jarvis as there has been a loss of parking along Sherbourne Street due to the instillation of the bike lanes
• City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, Ward 27 Toronto Centre-Rosedale will be attending the February 6th meeting. It would be appreciated if questions could be sent to the UJNA in advance of the meeting.
• Parking continues to be an issue for residents in UJNA with increase of condo buildings – AND bike lanes on Sherbourne have decreased parking spots available.
• Meeting to be held Saturday January 21st 6 – 8 p.m. City Hall between transportation staff and stakeholders to discuss parking situation in area; please attend this meeting to voice your opinions and concerns

5. Selby Hotel
• On November 14th the developer and city planner held a community consultation to share DimondCorps vision for the Goderham mansion. The development proposal is for a 55 store point town within a 3 store podium. Details on the project can be found on the city website, address is on the last page minutes, and our UJNA website.
• The developer has been given a copy of the UJNA Development Guidelines.
• It is the opinion of the executive that there was no strong community opposition.

6. Community

• This neighbourhood association meets monthly – 1st Tuesday of the month. President and their council urge other associations to join together to have a more powerful voice at the City where development is concerned. UJNA representative is welcome to attend their meeting; Chris Kowal accepted.

• Rogers is completing cladding repairs on the exterior of the pedestrian bridge and face of One Mount Pleasant. Work at the pedestrian bridge will commence this weekend and continuing for three weekends. Permits are in place to temporarily close traffic lanes along Mount Pleasant Road while they work over the roadway. This work is scheduled to take place on weekends, starting this weekend and continuing for three weekends. One lane will be closed at a time and an off-duty officer will be in place during the road closure.

Casey House
• Stephanie reported that they are at the build stage now with $10M 50% of campaign budget in place and Ministry of Health approval.
• Construction to start Fall 2013 with occupancy in 2016.

James Cooper Mansion
• Brian and Chris meet with residence of the JCM at November 27th open house to familiarize building with the UJNA.

• The Trustee for the Central South Fenrch Catholic School Board as advised that the English Catholic School Board is interested in purchasing the property

Upcoming Meeting Dates (check the website for location details)
• Wednesday February 6th @ 7:00pm
• Wednesday April 3rd @ 7:00pm
• Wednesday June 5th @ 7:00pm
• Wednesday August 7th @ 7:00pm
• Wednesday October 2nd @ 7:00pm
• Wednesday December 4th @ 7:00pm


51 Division Contact Information:
Phone to report activities: 416-808-5110
Radio Room for non-emergency calls: 416.808.2222
Emergency 911
For suspicious activity call the Community Response Unit: 416.808.5119

City of Toronto

15 Huntley

395 – 403 Bloor Street
The city planner for this development is Michael Hynes, Senior Planner, telephone 416-397-1761

592 Sherbourne Street – Selby Hotel

North St. James Town
The planner for this development is Allison Meistrich, Senior telephone: 416-392-7363

South St James Town – 545, 555 and 565 Sherbourne Street

592 Sherbourne St (Selby Hotel) – The applicant, Diamond Corp has put an application to develop a 55 store town with a 3 store podium.

Sherbourne Street Redevelopment

Ward 27 Councillor
Kristyn Wong-Tam –

Rogers – Maintenance concerns
David Avery – Rogers, Operations Manager, 416.935.6920


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