June 2013 – Minutes


9 Huntley Street – Casey House
Wednesday, June 5th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Brian Bagley – President, Dennis Magill – Vice President, Mary Proulx – Secretary, Chris Kowal– Treasurer

1. Review and approval of minutes from February 6th 2013
Brian confirmed that a quorum was present and request a motion to approve the December 5th minutes. The request was fulfilled, seconded and a vote with all in favour.

2. Treasurer’s Report
• Bank balance as of May 31st was $1510.41.

3. Community Police Liaison Committee & Future or Neighbourhood Watch
• Attending: Constable Lynne Robertson, Crime Prevention Officer
o Recommended we establish a community alert system
• Carol: Neighbourhood Watch update
o Looking for new volunteers

4. Update on Community Developments

Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario – 136 Isabella Street / 15 Huntley
• Interior finishing’s to be completed in the next few week.
• ETFO has started to using this location as there official address effective June 1.
• Media opening will be held on June 12th.

387 – 403 Bloor Street East/ 28 Selby Street –
• Community Consultation meeting held April 9th
• Developer purchases 13 Selby to provide access to the property.
• 49-storey including with an 8 storey base and a 12-storey residential building along Selby with a connecting one-storey base to tower.
• 173 parking spaces would be provided in a 4-level underground parking
• Working group to be stuck to discuss, massing, height, traffic (transportation staff), pedestrian & vehicle traffic review. Combined with 592 Sherboune and key stakeholders.

Selby Hotel, 592 Sherbourne St –
• Community Consultation meeting held
• Developer attended September 7th, 2012 UJNA meeting
• 52-storey tall residential tower including a 3-storey podium with grade related units for a total of 499 dwelling units (tall building max is 45). A total of 229 parking spaces in 6-level underground parking garage. Gooderham Mansion Heritage House on the site would be relocated closer to Sherbourne, 500 bicycle parking. Minimum set-backs are not being met with current design
• Update from Diamond Corp Executive Vice President, Diamond Corp believes many of the issued identified from city staff and from the community consultation are close to being resolved and presented back to city staff.
• The developer and city planner indicate we will probably not see significant changes, rather modification to address concerns. Items under review include details of the relocation of the heritage build, design elements of the auto entrance, joining section of the heritage home with the new building, set-back to both JCM and Selby area residence (11 meters not being met), and possible shared driveway option with JCM.

• Working group to be stuck to discuss, massing , height, traffic (transportation staff), pedestrian & vehicle traffic review. Combined with 592 Sherboune and key stakeholders.

Sacré-Coeur school at 25 Linden Street –
• Property was purchased by the TCDSB, same board as the Monsignor Fraser on Issabela Street. These two schools share and overlap property lines.
• TCDSB held a meeting on Monday May 25th with parents of St Michael’s elementary (50 George Street South, Esplanade area) to let them know that due to structural repair work required to their gym – the extent and nature of the work still needs to be confirmed as TCHC engineering analysis is currently being completed – the students may need to be relocated during the repairs starting September 2013. Follow-up meeting to be held in late June and will make a decision in consultation with the parent community at that time. One of the relocation options for the school is Sacré-Coeur given its closeness, size, facilities, and relative ease of transport. More details closer to the end of June.

159 Wellesley (Sherbounre and Wellesley SW corner)
• 38-storey mixed use building complete with retail at grade and 327 residential units above.

545, 555, 565 Sherbourne Street (existing No Frills location to Shoppers Drug Mart)
• 43-storey residential rental tower and 2 and 3-storey street-level townhouses along Bleecker Street with a total of 409 new rental units. The existing podium over Earl Street between Sherbourne Street and Bleecker Street is to be demolished.
• Also included is demolition, redevelopment and expansion of all commercial retail along Sherbourne Street (Shoppers not included)


Greenwin Offices – National Post
• Postmedia Network Inc. will be moving its headquarters and national newspaper to 365 Bloor Street East in December, 15 year lease, several floors.
• Retail options are also being discussed and the owner may soon be sharing news that area residence will be pleased with.

North St James Town
As of January 2013:
• Block 1 – 45-storey residential tower (previously 50 storeys) with a two storey podium with retail and preservation of 603 Sherbourne St. and partial retention of 605-607 Sherbourne St. houses
• Block 2 – 4 storey townhouse block with preservation of 6-16 Glen Road
• Block 3 – 12, 37 and 45 storey towers (previously 56, 46 and 53 storeys) with some retail at grade, an on-site park and preservation and relocation of 76 Howard St to another vacant site in the neighbourhood
• The development now proposes 1,235 units (previously 1,840)

Wellesley bike lanes –
• To begin late summer 2013

Parking –
Lourdes Lane, Homewood Avenue and Wellesley Place
• Meeting Held in Councillor chambers on January 21st
• Staff Report: adding on-street parking on Lourdes Lane or Wellesley Place. It will recommend changes to the current on-street parking on Homewood Avenue to improve safety and turnover. Lastly, it recommends prohibiting heavy trucks on Homewood Avenue and Lourdes Lane.
• Proposal goes to community council on June 18th

Earl Street:
• Sunday permit parking to end at 8:00am.
• Request review of pedestrian safety due to truck entry and exit into the Greenwin loading dock.

Casey House
• Site plan application to be submitted in the next few weeks with amendments to the laneway

Condo Living in the City –
• City Staff are currently holding their phase II Community Consultations to hearing more about the issues related to living in condos, and to work on ideas to address them. The Central meeting is being held tonight at Metro Hall. Central’s Phase I meeting was held on February 12th at the Toronto Reference Library
• Councillor to establish a Selby Street working group with the 2 developers, UJNA & BENA
• Charles / Jarvis Redesign – no update, however temporary repairs took place to the street on May 13th
• Rogers
o Grant cladding slabs are being inspected and repaired where needed
o Energy efficient motion detection lighting targeted to be installed by September 2013
• Wellesley- Magill Park
o After successfully operating for nearly 5 years, minor improves are recommended to promote pedestrian friendliness. UJNA and Wellesley Institute to provide letter of support for this initiative to city Park Staff.

5. Update from the Councillor Office – Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam
• Councillor will be canvassing street level of Earl Street, Earl Place, Isabella Street, Linden Street and Huntley Street on October 12th starting at 12:00 noon.

6. Update from the MPP’s Office – No update

7. Survey Results – deferred

Upcoming Meeting Dates (check the website for location details)
• Wednesday October 2nd @ 7:00pm
• Wednesday December 4th @ 7:00pm


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