June 2014 – Minutes


333 Bloor Street East – Rogers Campus
Wednesday, June 4th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Brian Bagley – President, Dennis Magill – Vice President, Mary Proulx – Secretary, Chris Kowal– Treasurer

1. Review and approval of minutes from October 2nd 2013 & February 5th 2014
Brian Bagley confirmed that a quorum was present with four guests; Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam; Todd Ross – Casey House; Chris Ostiguy Rogers; and Bob Blazevski– Diamond Corporation.

Brian distributed draft copies of the minutes from the October 2nd and Feb 5th and requested a motion to approve both. Motion by Dennis Magill requested and seconded by Carmen Kilroy. Held a vote with all in favour.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Bank balance as of June 4th 2014 is $1,348.98

3. Kristyn Wong-Tam, City of Toronto Ward 27 Councilor

• World Pride
• City of Toronto hosting the largest LGBTQ celebration in the world. Two million people over 10 days. Free concerts, cultural events, fireworks, human rights conference. To date the biggest international event was World Youth Day with 350,000
• $1.5M park renovations taking place.
• Open Streets TO
• Bringing free recreational program, opening traffic free streets on Sunday mornings. Plan to open 10km of street east to west – Bloor Street – temporarily closing to cars. Imagine yoga, music – this is a movement happening on streets across America successfully. Openstreetsto.org
• Proposed dates July 27th, August 3, August 17, August 31
• From 8 am to 1 pm
• Proposal in to TTC to open prior to 9:00 am
• Street closure – Keele to Sherbourne on Bloor Street

ACTION: Bob moved motion that UJNA supports Open Streets – UJNA to send note to councilor

ACTION: Request to councilor for garbage can on Huntley between Bloor and Isabella

ACTION: Request to councilor re Selby Street – garbage bags are still covering meter signs

ACTION: UJNA to discuss with membership traffic issues in the area, on next meeting agenda. Formally submit to City evaluation and official request from area residents. Our Lady of Lourdes Church has requested one parking space on either side of the church exit on Lourdes Lane be kept clear to prevent accidents at this busy intersection, which is now a blind exit.

4. Community update

• No Frills at Greenwin Plaza – the old Goodwill store, scheduled for opened by end of year

• 592 Sherbourne St (Selby Hotel)
• final report going to June council meeting, 49 stories with composition of 3 bedrooms. Heritage building to be aligned with James Cooper Mansion – and will be used for retail purposes.
• Section 37 money yet to be finalized, but will stay local

• 387 – 403 Bloor Street East/ 28 Selby Street
• Planning staff reviewing application. May come in 2015 – the submission is not complete.

• 159 Wellesley Street
• 35 stories approved (significant community benefits attached)
• 8 units (family) for habitat for humanity (pay for hard costs, section 37 pay for other costs) 2nd mortgage to be held so cannot be flipped. No subsidies for shared costs.
• Looking currently for a building partner

• 545, 555, 565 Sherbourne Street
• zoning amendment approved for 43 story tower, site plan coming to august community council meeting

• North St. James Town
• Approved by council Dec 2013, currently under review, restoration of homes along Glen Road has to be completed by December 2105

• Wellesley pool expected to complete by 2015

• Sherbourne improvements are an ongoing dialogue, Sherbourne TTC subway station completely unacceptable. This is a priority for both councilors

• Sherbourne bike lanes – design is challenging, needs looking at but will remain.

• New park 1.8 acres largest new park in ward 27 – at 11 Wellesley

• New park at Bay and St. Joseph

5. Guest updates from:
Bob ? DiamondCorp – 592 Sherbourne, Selby Hotel
• Selby hotel to be moved forward and restore with retail at grade amenities at 2nd level. Open front door to community… some building code issues to resolve. Podium to bookend the two heritage sites. Building partner – Citizen. 15 Selby will be restored as heritage building. Front lobby to building will be on Selby. Very slim tall (49 story) building. Construction expect to start 2016.

Rogers Communications
• 350 Bloor driveway will be undergoing some repairs that will no doubt be noisy and dusty. The plan is to remove the asphalt, repair the membrane, repair the ramp heating system and resurface. We expect to commence early June and hope to have finished no later than the end of August.
• Another item that may be of interest is that Rogers has received permission from the City to allow Casey House’s administration team to occupy 34 Huntley Street during the construction of their new site. Expectation is that they will move in early July and remain until their new headquarters is complete.

Casey House
• Administration staff (from coach house) will move to Huntley (Rogers property)
• Will vacate coach house – there is someone actively pursing moving it. Plan if needs to be demolished is to use the bricks for new building
• Tenders out, six qualified, building expect to commence in Fall – and then two years.
• Open house during World Pride. AIDS Candle Vigil Tuesday 24th Cawtha Park 9 pm.

Sacre Couer School
• Former Sacre Couer School & Monsignor Fraser College vision from Chair of the TCDSB
• St Michael elementary school community will continue to be temporary located on site due to ongoing work by the TCHC to repair damage to the school. Currently the expected date for the school community to return to their permanent school site at 50 George St South is September 2015 with a buffer of several months having been built into the schedule
• Once the timelines for St Michael’s return to their permanent community are confirmed, work may move forward on the long-term strategy for the former Sacre Couer school site which is the expansion of Monsignor Fraser College – the alternative learning campuses for the TCDSB located around the city of Toronto. Timelines and budget must still be confirmed before moving forward

Upcoming Meeting Dates
• Wednesday October 1st @ 7:00pm
• Wednesday December 3rd @ 7:00pm


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