March 2007

Meeting held at the Groundhog Pub

March 7, 2007 at 7:00 pm

Chris Crane – President, Jacqueline Jordan – Vice President, Brian Bagley – Secretary/ Treasurer

Attendance: 19 members of the UJNA and the following guests: John Kennaley of the office of George Smitherman, MPP, Ryan Lahr of the office of Councillor Kyle Rae, Stephanie Karapita, CEO of Casey House, Steve Upton of Tridel, Steve Daniels of Tridel and Andre Mochu of Burka Varacalli Architects.

1. Review of Minutes

Jacqueline Jordan confirmed that a quorum was present and distributed copies of the minutes of the meeting of December 6, 2006. A motion to approve the minutes without amendment was made and duly seconded.

2. Review of Action Items

Chris Crane noted that action items would be dealt with in the course of the meeting.

3. Election of UJNA Officers

Chris Crane advised that no nominations were received for the UJNA election of officers. The incumbents have agreed to stand for the coming one year term which expires in February 2008.

Incumbents are Chris Crane, President, Jacqueline Jordan Vice-President and Brian Bagley, Secretary-Treasurer.

3. Knights of Columbus Development

Chris Crane provided an overview of the peer review undertaken by several architect firms on the Tridel proposal for redevelopment of the Knights of Columbus site at 582 Sherbourne Street. The peer review process included representation from Councillor Kyle Rae’s office, city planners and UJNA representatives. The peer review recommendations have been addressed by Tridel.

Steve Upton, Vice President of planning with Tridel Inc. provided an overview of the planning process and indicated that a public meeting will be held in May. Minutes of the peer review meeting were distributed. Steve noted that he has written to Councillor Rae to express his views on the planning process and the current position of Tridel. The UJNA has been provided with a copy of the letter.

Andre Mochu of Burka Varacalli Architects made a presentation of the building plans indicating where the proposed plans had changed since the peer review of December.

Chris Crane strongly encouraged those present to express their views on the project at this stage before the City planners comment on the project. Several members provided their views.

4. Community Development Projects

  • Casey House: Stephanie Karapita, CEO of Casey House provided an overview of the plans to expand the “Gray Lady” at the SE corner of Jarvis St and Isabella St. eastward into the existing parking lot on Isabella St. The planned expansion is designed to accommodate the shift in programs and services to more day services for people living with AIDS. The proposed structure will be three stories high and have underground parking.
  • Children’s Aid Society (CAS): Councillor Rae is meeting with the President of the CAS later in March and has asked that the UJNA Executive participate in the meeting. It is anticipated that the CAS will be requesting support for proposals with significant density on the site. Councillor Rae and the UJNA are on record as opposing such density. Chris and Jacqueline will attend the meeting.

5.  Website

Pam Swartz Schneider, a student in the Web Design Program at Seneca College is working with Jacqueline Jordan on the development of the UJNA website. Pam’s contribution is at no cost to the UJNA. The website will include agendas, meeting minutes, a schedule of upcoming meetings, contact information, community notices, historical information and the status of development projects under way in the area. The project is expected to be complete in mid April.

6.  City Hall Update

Chris introduced Ryan Lahr from Councillor Rae’s office.

Stop lights on Jarvis St. at Earl St. — City Hall turned down the request for the street lights at this intersection. Ryan indicated that Councillor Rae is supportive of the crossing and is working to get support at City hall for the project.

  • Environmental Assessment of Jarvis Street: An RFP for the environmental assessment of Jarvis Street in terms of the proposed redevelopment is underway.
  • Ice build up is reported in Huntley lane and in the lane behind Rogers and the Isabella Street townhouses.

Action items :

Report ice situation to the appropriate City Hall Dept.

Obtain status of pollards to be installed by the Hotel Isabella.

Responsibility:  Ryan Lahr

8. Policing Report

Bob Oliver announced that there is a Town Hall Meeting to be hosted by the Community Police Liaison Committee on March 19, 2007 at Lord Dufferin School. Chief of Police William Blair will be the guest speaker. All are invited to attend.

8. Other business

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Next scheduled quarterly UJNA meeting date is June 6, 2007.

“Chris Crane”     “Jacqueline Jordan”

President Secretary Treasurer (acting)

Confirmed: October 17, 2008

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