March 2009

Meeting held at the Wellesley Community Centre – Room B

March 4th, 2009 at 7:00 pm

Chris Crane – President, Jacqueline Jordan – Vice President, Brian Bagley – Secretary / Treasurer

Attendance: 20 Members plus Ryan Lahr from Kyle Rae’s office, Harpreet & Nansra from George Smitherman’s office and Art Rasmusson from Salvation Army.

1. Review of Minutes

Brian Bagley confirmed that a quorum was present and distributed draft copies of the minutes from the October 1st, 2008 meeting. A motion to approve the October 1st minutes with minor amendments was made and duly seconded. A vote was held with all in favour.

2. Review of Action Items

Brian Bagley noted that outstanding action items will be dealt with in the course of the meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Brian Bagley provided an update on the financial position of the UNJA. The account balance as of March 1, 2009 was $1,803.58. Expenses in the past 6 months were $142.07 for website domain name and hosting and $624.50 for additional website development. . A Statement of Income & Expenses for 2008, plus year to date for 2009 was distributed and is appended to these minutes. Mary Proulx volunteered to consider revenue generating opportunities for the Association.

Action Item Responsibility: Follow-up with Mary Proulx on Fund raising initiatives. Brian Bagley

4. By-Law Amendment

The Chairman tabled the proposed by-law amendment that would provide for an annual membership fee for the Upper Jarvis Neighbourhood Association (the “UJNA”). Chris reviewed the resolution that was passed at the October 1st 2008 meeting and outlined the related proposed amendment to the by-law.

The Chairman indicated that a number of members had expressed an interest in voting by proxy as family, business and other obligations prevent their attendance at evening meetings and that they had provided their expressed voting intentions in writing by way of a proxy vote. Those members present were asked if whether they thought the association should consider these votes on the by-law amendment and election of officers. There was general agreement that proxies were appropriate and should be used but that since the use of proxies had not been offered universally to all members, the votes should not be used for today’s voting.

The Chairman then read the details of the proposed by-law amendments and asked for questions on the wording of the amendments.

VOTE:  A vote was held with 9 members in favour and 10 opposed; 1 member did not vote. As the required 2/3 majority of votes of the members present was not in favour, the amendment did not pass and the membership fee was not adopted.

Action Item Responsibility: Propose a revision to the by-laws with language that clarifies the use of proxy voting. Jacqueline Jordan

5. Election of the Executive

Chris advised those present that notice of the election of UJNA officers was made at the December 3rd, 2008 meeting as well as publication in an email notice and on the website.

The Secretary advised that no nominations were received other than from the incumbent for the position of Secretary / Treasurer. No nominations were put forward for Vice President. Two nominations were put forward for the position of President: Jacqueline Jordan and Dennis Magill.

Both candidates for President had material prepared that was distributed to all attendees. Jacqueline spoke to the priorities of her campaign and Bob Oliver spoke on behalf of Dennis Magill who was unable to attend the meeting.

VOTE: A confidential vote was held by distribution of ballots.

12 Votes submitted for Jacqueline Jordan; 9 Votes submitted for Dennis Magill.  Jacqueline was elected President of the UJNA.

6. Website Update

Jacqueline distributed the 2008 usage statistics for the website. Highlights from report on 2008 usage indicated that 606 unique website visitors had visited 905 times throughout the year. The visitors read 4555 pages of the website material. Year to date 2009 statistics show more activity with 184 unique visitors in the first 2 months. It was reported that these visitors have read 1795 pages of material.

Zoran Kukoljac indicated that he had some ideas on how to further advance communications for the Association.

Action Item Responsibility: Follow up with Zoran Kukoljac on additional means of communication – Jacqueline Jordan

7. Community Developments:  Ryan Lahr from Kyle Rae’s office provide a update on local government issues related to the Upper Jarvis neighbourhood

  • A traffic light study is underway at the intersection of Earl Street and Sherbourne, the purpose of the study is to determine if a street light is better suited for the location rather than the existing cross-walk.
  • Repairs to the hammerhead at the bottom of Huntley, intersecting Earl St & Earl Place, have been completed

Salvation Army, 418 – 432 Sherbourne

Art Rasmusson, Executive Director of the Salvation Army’s Bunton Lodge and W.P. Archibald Centre and President of the Ontario Halfway House Association, provided an update on their facilities at 418 – 432 Sherbourne St. This Community Residential Facility, which is just south of the UJNA boundaries, services men exiting the prison system and returning to community. This program is operating successfully.

8. Jarvis Street Redevelopment

The last public consultation for the Jarvis Streetscape Project was held on November 18, 2008. Updates are available on the City of Toronto website at

The Environmental Study was completed on February 6, 2009. Upon completion of the actual Environmental Study Report, City staff will write a report to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee for their endorsement (May 5, 2009) and for City Council’s approval (May 25 & 26, 2009).

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