May 2009

Meeting held at the Wellesley Community Centre, 495 Sherbourne Street – Room B

May 6th, 2009 at 7:00 pm

Jacqueline Jordan –President, Brian Bagley – Secretary / Treasurer

Attendance: 23 Members plus 11 Guest. Kyle Rae & Ryan Lahr, Todd Ross from Casey House, Art Rasmusson from Salvation Army’s Bunton Lodge, Bruce Kuwabara BENA, Gene Lewis General Secretary for the ETFO, David Clegg Executive Director of the ETFO, Marilies Rettig Deputy General Secretary for the ETFO, Kael Opie Architect KPMB, John Andreevski City of Toronto Planning, Myton Boyko City of Toronto Planning and Urban Design.

1. Review of Minutes

Brian Bagley confirmed that a quorum was present and distributed draft copies of the minutes from the March 4th 2009. A motion to approve the October 1st minutes with minor amendments was made and duly seconded. A vote was held with all in favour.

2. Review of Action Items

Brian Bagley noted that outstanding action items will be dealt with in the course of the meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Brian Bagley provided an update on the financial position of the UNJA. The account balance as of May 6th 2009 was $1,763.99

4. Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario

Sarah Henstode from Sorensen Gravely Lowes Planning Associates Limited started the presentation by describing the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) and the project site at 15 Huntley Street (corner of Huntley and Isabella). The ETFO represents 73,000 Ontario teachers. The ETFO offices are currently located at University and Dundas.

The ETFO presented a slideshow of the current side and proposed use. The site under the City Plan is zoned R3Z1: Residential use class 3, maximum 1 times gross floor area coverage (with 30% minimum landscape open space) and height restriction not to exceed 13m.

The proposed site is for Institutional use, 1.9 time coverage, 17.6m in height with 4 floors above grade, 60 parking spots and 200 person occupancy. The site has a planned 2 meter tall fence on the north side of the property and will incorporate a green roof.

The proposal for the building is to incorporate as much Ontario building material as possible such as Ontario limestone and woods. 1st floor will use is for a mutli-purpose presentation room, lunch room, meeting rooms, shipping & receiving area and print shop. 2nd floor to contain 44 offices and 48 workstations, 3rd floor 39 offices and 42 work stations, 4th floor 19 office and 29 workstations on a smaller floor plate. Shadow studies show that there will be an impact to the residential property to the immediate north and impact on the backyards of the 2 residential properties to the immediate north. The ETFO conducted a private tree study that deems poor quality trees will be removed.

Following the presentation there was time for Question and Answer with the ETFO representatives. Members expressed concern with the potential noise disturbance that such an undertaking will cause, concern with the fact that this does not comply within the current zoning regulations or the UJNA Vision Document, concern with increase traffic flow at this intersection of Huntley & Isabella and that the building could be a potential dead zone at night or excessively lit up taking away from a residential feel to the community.

The ETFO representatives left the meeting and Kyle Rae spoke to the members. Kyle noted that at the onset of the sale of this property he rejected all submissions for high density condominiums per the City Plan and UJNA Vision Document. Kyle had also rejected the ETFO proposal in hope of a low density residential development. Now, three years after the initial sale from the Children Aids Society to the ETFO there has been no interest in low density residential development. Kyle consulted a condominium consultant and learned that the minimum economically feasible condominium height for this space would be a 12 story project. Kyle believes that in his 18 years experience with these types of developments that this is the closes the UJNA will get to the ideal use.

If this project were to go to the OMB, the ruling on what could be developed would be panel specific.   Kyle’s preference is for this not to go to the OMB in order for his office and the community to have an input on the final ruling.

7. Community Policing Liaison Committee

Audrey Burton, UJNA CPLC representative provide a police update. A police Town Hall meeting will take place on Thursday May 7th, 7:00pm at 80 Gould Street.

Upcoming UNJA scheduled meeting dates:

Wednesday October 7th @7:00, Wellesley Community Centre.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm

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