October 2007

Held at Our Lady of Lourdes, October 5, 2007 at 7:00 pm

Chris Crane – President, Jacqueline Jordan – Vice President, Brian Bagley – Secretary I Treasurer

Attendance: 15 members of the UJNA and no guest.

1. Review of Minutes

Brian Bagley confirmed that a quorum was present and distributed copies of the minutes of the March 7 2007 meeting. A motion to approve the minutes without amendment was made and duly seconded. It was unanimously agreed that the minutes were approved.

I. Review of Action Items

Brian Bagley noted that action items will be dealt with in the course of the meeting.

3. Treasure’s Report

Brian Bagley provided an update on the financial position of the UNJA. The account balance as of August 31, 2007 was $2,378.56.

A discussion was held regarding the option of charging modest membership fees for participation in the UJNA election as a way of generating revenue to support various initiatives. It was agreed to defer this topic to a later date.

4. Children’s Aid

The Children’s Aid property at 15 Huntley St. has been vacated by the organization. The property has been sold to the Elementary Teachers Federation Ontario (ETFO) for $6million. The sale is to close in early December, 2007.

The new owners have discussed future plans that they would like to build a 4 story 100,000 square foot office complex. The UJNA executive held a meeting with the EFTO in June to address their proposed use of the property and to advise on the position of the UJNA with respect to development on this site.

The ETFO was advised by the UJNA Executive that their proposal is contrary to the Official City Plan, Zoning Laws and UJNA Vision Document.

Individual members of the UJNA have been writing letters to Councillor Kyle Rae and the EFTO voicing their opposition to the proposed use. Councillor Rae has replied to each correspondent indicating that he will not support any development on this site other than low-rise residential. At the time of this meeting, October 17, no formal submission on the use of the property has been submitted to the City.

5. James Cooper Mansion (former Knights of Columbus site)

Approximately 60% of the suites have been sold. On November 1s t at 6:00pm Tridel held the media launch of the Knights of Columbus building, now branded as the James Cooper Mansion. The launchwas to highlighting the integration of the historical architecture and the successful collaborative development process with the UJNA and other stakeholders.

The UJNA executive will be in contact with the City’s Transportation Department to discuss the traffic flow and access to this development. The UJNA proposes that the first few hundred meters of Linden St. off Sherbourne be changed to accommodate two way traffic up to the developments property line. This will avoid local access to the development being routed through the existing infrastructure of the community.

6. Community Development Projects

500 Sherbourne – Construction has began; the existing laneway between the site and Our Lady of Lourdes will be expanded upon project completion.

Verve (Wellesley and Jarvis) – Well under construction. Building to be 34 stories when complete

Jarvis Mansion (Jarvis St.) – the developer has gone into receivership, reports indicate owners who invested 4 year ago will have the option to repurchase at current market prices

Casey House – No longer considering expansion of the Isabella St. property

Traffic light at Earl Place and Jarvis to be installed. Councillor Rae anticipates the installation will be complete by the end of the year.

The City is in the process of considering adding bike lanes on Wellesley St between Parliament St and Queens Park.

7.   Jarvis Street Redevelopment

The Jarvis Street redevelopment project is a city initiative to rebuild the road way between Charles St to Richmond St. This could include changes to the number of lanes, addition of boulevards and left turn lanes.

The city planning department has completed the sub service utility review. A community advisory board will be struck to participate in the concept planning. The city is currently receiving design build proposals and should have all final bid submitted by spring 2008.

8. Policing Report

Bob Oliver announced the policing efforts in this area have had the effect of reducing crime on Linden St., but there seems to be an increase in criminal activity on Earl St.

The Police department has recently installed a number of closed circuit cameras outside of the UJNA perimeter to monitor select areas of the city. The new cameras have been installed at (1) George Street and Gerrard Street East, (2) George Street and Dundas Street East, (3) Pembroke Street and Dundas Street East, (4) Sherbourne Street and Dundas Street East, (5) Sherbourne Street and Shuter Street, and (6) Sherbourne Street at Queen Street East. This concerns the UJNA as there may be a tendency for the problem activity to move away from the monitored areas and closer the UJNA boundaries. Police will be monitoring any migration of known offenders.

8.   Other business

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Upcoming UNJA scheduled meeting dates:

  • Wednesday, December 5, 2007 @ 7 pm. Held at Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Wednesday March 5 @7:00, Held at Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Wednesday May 7 @7:00, Location to be determined

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