October 2009

Meeting held at the Wellesley Community Centre, 495 Sherbourne Street – Room B

October 7th, 2009 at 7:00 pm

Brian Bagley – President, Dennis Magill – Vice President, Joni Lindsay and George Wall – Treasurer

Attendance: 11 Members plus 2 guests including Todd Ross from Casey House

1. Review of Minutes

Brian Bagley confirmed that a quorum was present and distributed draft copies of the minutes from the May 6th 2009 and June 17th 2009. A motion to approve both the May 6th and June 17th minutes with was made and duly seconded. A vote was held with all in favour.

2. Treasurers Report

Brian Bagley provided an update on the financial position of the UNJA. The account balance as of May 6th 2009 was $1,743.99

3. Review of Action Items

• Discussion on change of meeting frequency

A discussion was held and meet frequency is being changed to bi-monthly, each first Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

• Upcoming meeting dates are

December 2,  February 3,  April 7,  June 2,  August 4, 2010,  October 6, 2010, all at 7:00pm

• Discussion on proxy voting

The general consensus was pro proxy voting. A review is required to present back to the association possible options for this exercise.

Update from the Site Committee

It was agreed that a site committee to review development projects in the neighbourhood should be re-established. Brian Bagley asked that Mary Proulx to continue her leadership of this group. New members are asked to contact Brian Bagley at brian.bagley@yahoo.com

Discussion on updating of by-laws

Brian Bagley had discussed By-law updated with Wayne Drewry in advance of the meeting who agreed to review the bylaws to reflect the current environment. Members who are interested in participating in the exercise are to contact brian.bagley@yahoo.ca

4. Policing Update

  • Audrey Burton, UJNA Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) member provided a police update.
  • Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association (TPAAA) Police Games are to held at the Roger Centre on October 17th
  • Boundaries for our police services unit have been defined as Jarvis – Don River, Bloor – Wesley.
  •  Sex Trade Activity – A reminder that residents need to phone 51 Division with police concern to make the division aware of issues. Without calls from residents the police will not be aware of any problems.
  •  The CPLC will not be providing statistical reporting back to the community due to the complexity in generating the information for neighbourhood specific reporting.

5. Community Update

• Sink hole on Earl Street

Sinkhole on Earl Street was recently repaired

• Water Line Replacement

Waterline replacement to commence in October along Selby, Linden Huntley Street

• Sex Trade Activity

In August, there was a meeting between Trans-support workers and staff from 51 Division. Both agreed that actions of the Homewood Maitland Safety Association were too militant and not helpful in dealing with the issue. In response to a request by 51 Division, the HMSA suspended their nightly walks and protests. 51 Division is very much aware of the sex-trade in the area. One of their objectives is keep people with past criminal offenses out of neighbourhood.

• Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario

The ETFO has been provided with a copy of the UJNA Vision Document that outlines the association’s vision for the neighbourhood.

A public Pubic Consultation was held on October 21, 2009, where area residents could provide feedback to the developer and the city. Notice of the meeting was sent by the city to land owners within 120 meters of the site; this was mailed on October 9th.

• James Copper Mansion Variances (582 Sherbourne St)

A Public Hearing Notice is to be mailed by the city to land owners within 100 meters of the property to advise of minor variances that will go to the Committee of Adjustments on October 21st, 2009 @ 9:00am.

  •  Proposal to increase penthouse rooftop cabana space by 63m2
  • Proposal to increase of the building height from 32 to 33 stories to accommodate the penthouse roof top cabana and deck
  •  Proposal in reallocation of parking space to better reflect the actual number of units and spaces sold

The members in attendance did not object to any of these minor variances

Work schedule for the James Cooper Mansion – Update

  • (No work occurs on statutory holidays and Sundays. Weekdays no earlier start than 7:00 am, and Saturday’s no earlier than 8:00 am)
  •  Excavation: Complete
  •  Concrete: Present to Mid June 2010 – Concrete trucks, concrete finishing
  •  Building Envelope: October 2009 to July 2010 – Brick façade, precast, windows
  •  Internal Building: January 2010 to Fall 2011 – Deliveries for all internal elements
  •  Tentative completion: Spring 2011

.   Wellesley-Magill Park – Installation of “art wall” to occur in October – November

• Website Update

Brian Bagley request assistance from members with web experience in order to update the site with current documents and meeting notice dates

Casey House

Todd Ross provided an update on the Casey House planned expansion. Casey House has preliminary plans to use their existing owner property space along the south side of Isabella between Jarvis and Huntley for a new hospice facility. The expansion will replace the existing hospice rooms at the Huntley Street building; the Huntley Street building will then be used for non resident purposes. There are no plans to increase the number of resident hospice rooms as the new building will replace the existing room count.

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