October 2011

Wednesday, October 5th 2011 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Meeting at Verve, 120 Homewood

Brian Bagley – President, Dennis Magill – Vice President, Joni Lindsay – Treasurer, Mary Proulx – Secretary

1. Review and approval of minutes from June 1, 2011

Brian Bagley confirmed that a quorum was present – 18 members. Copies of June 1st meeting were distributed. A motion to approve the minutes was request; approved by Dennis McGill seconded by Mark Leggatt and a vote that followed, and all were in favour.

2. Treasurer’s Report

No updated report, done every six months – balance as of March 31, 2011 was $1508.53

3. Started with a quick governance overview:

  •  By laws last amended on February 1 2001
  •  The association is to represent resident’s feedback and our current boundaries currently are Bloor, Jarvis, Sherbourne and Wellesley Streets
  •  A community association does not have legally drawn boundaries, and it is common practice for association boundaries to overlap
  •  If another association would like to be included in our boundary, we ask their executive to contact UJNA executive to meet and discuss and brought to the UJNA membership for a vote

Review of Action Items from last meeting

Flier Delivery:   Brian to follow-up on design, print, and drop costs for distribution in the community.

4. Street Sign update

Funding was secured under Section 45 for the James Cooper Mansion, street signs were placed in October

5. Community Police Liaison

  • Members reported several break-ins on Earl, Linden, Selby laneway, and Lourdes parking lot.
  • We must inform police of ongoing activity (contact names/numbers on website, and at end of minutes)
  • It is important to update the Neighborhood Watch representative for your street, and send an email to ujnwatch@hotmail.com; if you don’t let the committee know they won’t be able to share your concerns at the monthly policy meetings
  • Audrey and Bob have agreed to be the UJNA CPLC representatives

6. Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (15 Huntley) update:

  • Few complaints received by Executive on this project, and isolated incidences quickly resolved
  • Current complaint by a member re the crane spotlights
  • Construction is progressing on schedule
  • October – November the slab on grade is to be poured with the ground floor poured November – December
  • Concrete structure should be complete Spring 2012
  • Construction complete Winter 2012
  • ETFO move in and Grand Opening Spring 2013

7. Casey House update from Stephanie Karapita, Chief Executive Office

  • The proposal is to expand the Casey House facility between 571 Jarvis and 119 Isabella.
  • 571 Jarvis (commonly referred to as the Grey Lady) will receive extensive restoration; approximately $7 million dollars will be spent on the restoration of the building. The property at 119 Isabella is slated for demolition. The planned new facility is a three story building with a section along jarvis that will stand 5 stories.
  • In September Honorable Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-term Care and the Honorable Glen Murray, Minister of Research and Innovation visited Casey House to highlight an infrastructure investment in health care services for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • City of Toronto has requested small changes that are key to internal heritage features i.e. staircase, and to maintain as much as possible integrity of mansion.
  • Occupancy scheduled for 2015/16

8. Community planning update from Michael Hynes, Senior Planner, Community Planning – Downtown

  • 595 Bloor Street – no application received
  • 32 Huntley – no application (members expressed concern that Rogers is planning to build extensively as they have had an environmental consultant in the area for two weeks checking soil contamination. Michael did not know about this, but will check it out for us).
  • Members know that Rogers has bought 30, 32, 34 Huntley
  • There is a development report being considered on development on Yonge Street between College and Bloor
  • Concern over the TTC Sherbourne capacity with density in area
  • 921 Grenville building included recommendation $1M to Wellesley Station upgrade.  Motion to send letter about Sherbourne TTC concerns, copy councillors
  • 545-565 Sherbourne Street, approved demo 10 existing rental units and replace with a tower —  For plans: http://www.toronto.ca/planning/stjamestown.htm
  • 395-403 Bloor Street, the applicant is making revisions to the plan, Page and Steele Architects   For plans: http://www.toronto.ca/planning/stjamestown-apps.htm
  • 15 Huntley —  For plans: http://www.toronto.ca/planning/15_huntley.htm

9. Open Items with the City

  • Traffic flow on Linder Street reviewed for the viability of 2 way traffic on the first 75 meters of Linden Street, west of Sherboune. A traffic study has been requested.
  • Request put forward in February to transportation department for installation of red light camera on north bound Jarvis at Isabella
  • Update on the traffic light planned for Sherboune & Earl Street. Brian was advised that Transportation Services has studied the area and determined that there is not enough car volume to warrant a traffic light here.
  • We submitted a request to Municipal Licensing and Standards to enforce restricted commercial garbage pick up times at Rogers and Greenwin Plaza – and it’s now resolved
  • Sherbourne will be repaved and new bike lanes in 2012, and plans for Jarvis to be reinstated to original state
  • Rogers building street facing on Jarvis and Isabella now have blinds closed on street level – sending Councillor a letter to ask for them to be raised

Upcoming Meeting Dates

• Wednesday December 7th, 7:00pm – Casey House, 9 Huntley St.

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