October 2013


Casey House, 9 Huntley Street
Wednesday, October 2nd 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Brian Bagley – President, Dennis Magill – Vice President, Mary Proulx – Secretary, Chris Kowal– Treasurer

1. Review and approval of minutes from June 5th 2013
Brian Bagley confirmed that a quorum was present with 14 members & 5 guests.
Distributed draft copies of the minutes from the June 5th, 2013 & Requested a motion to approve the June 5th minutes. Motion by DM, requested this be seconded Carmen. Held a vote with all in favour.

2. Treasurer’s Report
Bank balance as of June 28 is $1,348.64

3. Update from Toronto Catholic District School Board regarding Sacre Coeur
• Jo-Ann Davis , TCDSB Trustee, Ward 9

Staff and students of St Michael elementary have settled in and are really enjoying their new ‘home’. They hope to have a project plan to share with the community in the next month or so for the construction work being carried out at the permanent St Michael school site.

Purchased Sacre Cour because adjacent to Msgr. Fraser because need for more support for an over capacity approx. 1600 students. For this year the St Michael elementary school is housed here – all 200 students. All located on one floor, school did need some construction, painting, etc. and playground is not safe – and needs to be updated.

4. Update on Heritage Distract Designation
Dennis provided an update on the Heritage Distract Designation Process.

5. Community Police Liaison Committee
• Seeking new Upper Jarvis Neighbourhood Watch Area Captain
Responsibilities are as such:
• Monitor email site checking at least 1X per day
• Keep UJNW mail list up-to-date with new entries/deletions
• Following the established format, send out ALERTS for each crime or suspicious activity reported
• Liase with contact at 51Division when necessary
• Support Block Captains in their new role to encourage full participation in NW on their block and act as an NW information resource.
• Report UJNW activity at UJNA meetings
• Arrange with 51 Division to have a representative of the Police force address the UJNA when deemed appropriate by both the UJNA president and the area captain.

• Community security alert emails – ujnwatch@gmail.com
The community alert system has been established and run separately from the UJNA email distribution. The notification system sends email alerts regarding policing concerns in the immediate area. To joint send an email to ujnwatch@gmail.com

For crime statistics and extensive area information go to – http://www.cplc-51division.blogspot.ca

If you want to be sent an email area alerts send an email to:

6. Selby Street working group established by the Councillor
• 387 – 403 Bloor Street East/ 28 Selby Street
• Selby Hotel, 592 Sherbourne St (a new 55 story condominium)
• Greenwin Offices & Grocery Store (new Loblaws store)
Councillor Wong Tam established a joint working group for the above projects. The first joint meeting was held in the councilor chambers on Sept 18th. Primary purpose was a brief project status update and traffic study.
6 options were present for the intersection at Sherbourne/Selby/Howard. Among the option combinations included partial 2 way traffic on Selby and expending the traffic controlled signal to include both Howard and Selby being reviewed by councilor and traffic department
Opening of Earl Street brought forward
Another issue is taking away parking on two way streets and narrowing of side walk streets
Public transit congestion at Sherbourne remains challenging with no solution. Accessibility elevator timing 2018 – with no section 37 money to TTC.

7. Wellesley Magill community park
• Commemorative Wellesley Hospital Plaque
The UJNA and Wellesley Institute have requested a that Ontario Heritage Trust consider and install a commemorative plaque for the Wellesley Hospital in Wellesley-Magill Park
• UJNA request for park inprovements
In July Parks Staff put forward a 10 year plan for the park that would be folded into the 2014 Operating Budget. The plan calls for using about half of the $500,000 in section 37 monies provided by the Wellesley Institute for the park specific maintenance, while retaining the other half for future improvements.
The plan will see the replacement of some of the unhealthier trees in 2013, adding additional benches and lighting in 2014, replacing some of the damaged granite in 2014 (and then again in 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022), and hiring staff to groom the gravel weekly, beginning in 2014. These efforts will improve the grounds sight and odor concerns brought forth by area residence.
Challenge is really strong odor in park over the summer – now a health issue, not proper drainage, and possibly not enough rain to wash away dog urine. Concern that there is a fundamental design issue.
This park has two condos and soon will have a third.

Share with councilor – the need for dog parks and kid parks (separate)
Send letter to councilor – re health concerns, sidewalk – can some of the money be spent now to fix these issues.
Sherbourne at Earl Street traffic light was approved and the taken off the project list. This is a dangerous area, can it be brought forward again – with new development and bike lanes

8. Update on Community Developments
• UJNA Volunteers and February elections
o Elections are held in February. The UJNA is a purely volunteer run organization with the goal of promoting measures which enhance the safety, appearance, economic viability and quality of life of our Neighbourhood.
o These volunteers should be treated with respect. I have zero tolerance for anything less than this. We are here to guide and support community wide initiatives and concerns.
• Councillor Wong Tam canvassing
On October 12th starting at 12:00 noon the Councillor will be canvising the street level residence door to door living along Earl Street, Earl Place, Isabella Street, Linden Street and Huntley Street
If you have a specific question or would like to identify yourself as a resident of interest please contact Brian or the Councillor’s Constituency Assistant David Simor dsimor@toronto.ca
• 592 Sherbourne St (Selby Hotel)
o The developer has purchased house west of hotel on Selby and will be kept as a historical property, but will extend new condo property line
• 159 Wellesley – Sherbourne and Wellesley SE corner
No update, site plan for 159 Wellesley Street East has still not yet been submitted
• Wellesley Community Aquatics Centre
Design of the pool will be included in the 2014 budget. The architect for the new pool addition has been selected, Maclennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects Ltd. This is the same designers (in joint venture with ZAS Architects) of the original Wellesley Community Centre, as well as the designers of the award winning Regent Park Aquatic Centre.
Community consultation process will begin later this year and continue into early 2014
Ward 27 funding is as follows with the reminder of the funding coming from Councillor McConnell’s ward.
 12/07/2005, $650,000, 500 Sherbourne
 09/27/2007, $750,000, JCM
 12/03/2008, $2,000,000, 45 Charles (CHAZ)
 05/27/2009, $1,000,000 , 568-580 Jarvis/ 99-103 Charles (X2)
 06/09/2010, $500,000, 568-580 Jarvis Street (section 45) (X2)
 07/28/2010, $500,000, 45 Charles (CHAZ)
• 545, 555, 565 Sherbourne Street – east side
No update on the 43 story residential rental tower – community consultations completed, stores gone, anticipate building start soon
• Charles / Jarvis Redesign
No update – councilor aware of traffic concerns; Rogers met today with councilor it is a safety issue for Rogers employees – have asked for historical records for what was put on the table in the past for blocking Charles Street traffic
• North St James Town
No update, please refer to http://www.toronto.ca
• Wellesley bike lanes
Construction scheduled to begin in fall 2013 – separated like Sherbourne Street from Parliament to Queens Park
• Parking – Lourdes Lane, Homewood Avenue, Wellesley Place
Remaining parking sign changes from the discussions earlier in the year to be installed in the next few weeks. Lourdes Lane specific report to go to community council in October.
• Casey House
o Todd Ross – showed drawing of new building, and stated the project going to tender in spring for contractors – and will start construction Fall 2014 and take two years to complete. Raised $6.5M of $10M (total project approximately $38M).
• Snow removal – Call 311, or http://www.toronto.ca/311, or 311@toronto.ca
Including named laneways

Upcoming Meeting Dates
• Wednesday December 4th @ 7:00pm, Casey House, 9 Huntley St


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