September 2010

Meeting held at Wellesley Community Centre, 495 Sherbourne Street – Room B

September 8th, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Brian Bagley – President, Dennis Magill – Vice President, Joni Lindsay and George Wall – Treasurer

Attendance: 11 Members plus 9 guests

Meeting started promptly at 7:00 pm. Closed at 8:30 pm

1. Review of Minutes

Brian confirmed a quorum was present and distributed draft copies of the June 2nd, 2010 minutes; a motion to approve the minutes was made by Mark and seconded by Eric. A vote was held and the minutes were then approved without amendments by all.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Brian provided update on the financial position of the UNJA. The account balance as of June 30th was $1,744.83, no activity since last meeting.

3. Review of Action Items

Bylaw – Update:  Temporary hold due to developments occurring at Huntley and Isabella

395-403 Bloor Street Update:  Michael Hynes provided an update later in the meeting

4. Policing Update

Audrey Burton, UJNA Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) member provided a police update. In general no issues to report.

Audrey reminded the group that to report issues of safety concern to the Toronto police Radio Room at 416.808.2222 in order to better protect our neighbourhood. It is only once police are made aware of safety threats that they can divert attention to the required area or situation.

51 Division Contact Information:

  • Phone: 416-808-5119
  • Radio Room for non-emergency calls: 416.808.2222

5.  Final Vote on Street Signs

Robert reviewed the revised street signs from the June meeting’s feedback. The members came to a consensus of each detail on the sign. This included: final overall design, colours, font and positioning of each characteristic. Cost for the street signs we be approximately $120 per sign and will included instillation.

A motion to approve the finalized details was made and seconded by Dennis. A vote was held and all were unanimously in favour.

Final work will be completed with the city designers with installation by end of end of 2010possible.

6. Update from City Hall

  • Waterline replacement on Selby / Linden / Huntley  – Water line replacement has been completed, resurfacing of the street to occur in October. The bricks that were removed at the Hammer Head (Huntley and Earl) were done so in order to facilitate the concrete repairs. New bricks have been installed.
  • Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario,  15 Huntley, project received unanimous approval by Community Council.   Gene Lewis – The ETFO plan for demolition of the existing buildings and construction to begin next spring.

6. Community Update

Wellesley Community Centre Pool

Michael Hynes, Senior City Planner, confirmed that the pool to be constructed at the Wellesley Community Centre is still in play. Money banked for this project stands at $2.5M. Contributions have come from immediate local developers and those at 1000 Bay St, 75 Charles & 580 Jarvis.

Flyer Delivery – one time option

Research into having a one time flyer drop to all residents within the UJNA boundaries through Canada Post was reviewed. Mailing to the four postal walk routes in our area (area does overlap partially into Maitland and Homewood) will cost – $328.55.

We have a realtor in the area willing to cover half the cost if we add into the print material as a sponsor on the print ad. Cost of design and print of the actual place card mailing to be further researched

The group agreed we need to continue the current hand delivery of meeting notices

ACTION:    Brian to follow-up on design and print costs

James Cooper Mansion

The Bulk of the concrete pour is complete. Misc items on roof to be complete in September. Periodically there will be landscape concrete pouring on site starting for the next 2 – 3 weeks. The crane is to be removed in October. Tridel had no security issues since the last UJNA meeting. Occupancy of the building will commence in December.

Brian sent a letter to city staff to reconsider 2 way traffic on the first few hundred feet of Linden to accommodate immediate traffic to the building. City Staff had decision to adopt the current (status quo) operation some time ago and that the impacts of reverting Linden to a two-way operation had a number of operational impacts associated with it, including loss of on-street permit parking among others.

ACTION:    Follow-up with new councillor in January to request they bring a motion to Community Council and direct staff to report on allowing two-way traffic

Jarvis Street Redevelopment

All immediate planned changes have been implemented. This was limited to the removal of the centre lane and addition of bike lanes

Casey House

Stephanie Karapita provided an update on the Casey House development. Casey house has received it’s next phase of approval for developing the new Casey House. The project will maintain the street characteristic and include a new 3 – 4 story building between the existing coach house and the Grey Lady on Jarvis Street. This will allow for 21st century health care and day programs. The existing 13 beds at 9 Huntley will be replaced with 14 beds within the new building. The plans at this time include underground parking. The proposal for the new building will be put forward in October. Once the new building is completed there will no longer be healthcare facilities at the 9 Huntley Location.

ACTION:   Stephanie to follow-up with the group at the December meeting

North St. James Town Planning Framework

Allison Meistrich confirmed the application was submitted September 8th.

Michael Hynes briefly discussed the project with the limited information as the project was just submitted

The below outline covers details released after the meeting and were not fully discussed at the meeting

The development that will be bounded by Bloor, Sherboune, Howard and Parliament will include mix use space.

This proposal is to permit a development consisting of four residential towers with heights of 46, 50, 53 and 56 stories, a mid-rise residential building with a height of 5 stories, semi detached housing, a low-rise mixed use building, retail uses at grade along Howard Street at Sherbourne Street and an amenity and servicing building. The development is proposed to contain 1,840 units. The proposal includes retaining the heritage buildings at the 603 Sherbourne Street, at the corner of Sherbourne Street and Howard Street, and 6-16 Glen Road.

Additional details can be found at:   The planner for this development is Allison Meistrich, Senior telephone:  416-392-7363

395 – 403 Bloor Street

Michael Hynes discussed the development of this project.   The applicant is proposing a 42-storey mixed use residential tower with a two-storey podium.   The total height to the top of the mechanical house is 140.15 meters.    A Preliminary Report for 395-403 Bloor Street East proposal includes a total of 386 units (113 bachelor units, 195 one-bedroom units and 78 two bedroom units).    No three-bedroom units are being proposed. All properties are proposed to be demolished including 403 Bloor Street East which is a listed heritage building under the City of Toronto Inventory of Heritage properties.    No residential parking is proposed.

Additional details can be found at:     The city planner for this development is Michael Hynes, Senior Planner, telephone 416-397-1761

Wellesley Place

Letter of Credit with the city for $64,730 for outstanding landscaping.   The City had inspected the site and determined that any deficiencies were corrected and eventually released $47,000 of the Letter of Credit back to the developer.

Street Sign at Bloor and Ted Rogers Way

Allen Pinkerton, City’s Signs and Markings unit, installed new Jarvis Street direction signs at the corner of Ted Rogers Way and Bloor to assist pedestrian and vehicular navigation.

Parking – Pay and Display Parking

The city has adopted Pay and Display parking on the below outlined streets. Residents in the area were not consulted on this process. The purpose of the Pay and Display parking is to recapture lost revenue from the removal of street parking on Jarvis. This item was considered by Toronto and East York Community Council on August 17, 2010 and was adopted without amendment, stipulating the removal of the current one hour regulation and amendments to other parking regulation.

Additional details can be found at:

Affected Streets are:

  • Earl Place, between Huntley Street and Jarvis Street
  • Earl Street, between Huntley Street and Sherbourne Street
  • Huntley Street, between Selby Street and Isabella Street
  • Isabella Street, between Jarvis Street and Sherbourne Street
  • Linden Street, between Huntley Street and Sherbourne Street
  • Maitland Place, between Homewood Avenue and Jarvis Street
  • Howard Street, between Sherbourne Street and Parliament Street

ACTION:     A motion was put forward by Dennis for the UJNA to formally complain to the city about these changes and lack of consultation. The motion was seconded by Mark and a vote held passing the motion.

Huntley / Isabella intersection (north west corner)

It is believed Rogers is purchasing the properties along the north west corner of Huntley / Isabella. The UJNA Rogers Campus Facilities contact has not been made aware of any plans for development.    City staff representatives have not been approached on any development for this intersection.

Sherboune Subway Station

There are plans for this subway station to be rebuilt in 2016

Councilor candidate introduction

Those that contacted the UJNA were made aware of the meeting date. At the end of the meeting the candidates spoke – Chris Tindal & Ken Chan. Kristyn Wong Tam made an appearance at the beginning of the meeting before leaving for other duties.

Upcoming meetings:

December 1st, 2010 @7:00pm, location TBD

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