UJNA Bylaws

UJNA BYLAWS as amended February 1, 2006


1.1 The name of our unincorporated association will be The Upper Jarvis Neighbourhood Association (UJNA). Its territorial boundaries include the area in the City of Toronto bounded by Bloor, Jarvis, Sherbourne and Wellesley Streets.

 Article 2: OBJECTIVES

2.1 The objectives are the maintenance of UJNA for the purpose of:

(a) promoting measures which enhance the safety, appearance, economic viability and quality of life of our neighbourhood;

(b) respecting the individuality and diversity of our area;

(c) encouraging self-help and community spirit among all our residents;

(d) involving our corporate neighbours as contributing members;

(e) lobbying effectively and working with our community representatives to achieve neighbourhood goals.

 Article 3: MEMBERSHIP

3.1 Adult individuals living within our territorial boundaries who have signified an intention in writing to be a member, are members entitled to vote at meetings.

3.2 A membership list of those people signifying an intention to be members of the UJNA will be compiled and regularly updated. The status of membership will be reported annually to the UJNA membership.


4.1 The officers of the UJNA will consist of President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. These officers constitute the executive (” Executive”) of the association. The term of office will be one year from election.

4.2 Executive elections will be held annually at the first meeting of the calendar year, preceded by the preparation of a slate of candidates to be compiled following the preceding UJNA meeting.

 4.3 Role of President

(a) The President will chair the meetings of the association, and meetings of the Executive which will occur prior to the association meeting.

(b) The President will be charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs and operation of the UJNA.

(c) The Vice-President, in consultation with the Executive, will fix and reserve the location for the association meetings for the year.

(d)The President, in consultation with the Executive, will be responsible for setting the meeting agendas for the association.

(e) The President will require periodic reports from the association’s standing committees.

(f) The President will promote activities to further the objectives of the association.

 4.4 Role of Vice-President

(a) The Vice-President will function as President and chair UJNA meetings in the absence of the President, or find a suitable substitute to fulfill this responsibility.

(b) The Vice-President will review the minutes prepared by the Secretary-Treasurer.

(c) The Vice-President will count the number of attendees at each UJNA meeting and provide this information to the Secretary-Treasurer.

(d) The Vice-President will be responsible for compiling and updating the membership list.

 4.5 Role of Secretary-Treasurer
 Secretary Functions:

(a) The Secretary will record and prepare minutes for the meeting of the association.

(b) The Secretary will record and prepare the minutes of the Executive meetings.

(c) In consultation with the Executive, the Secretary will prepare the meeting agenda.

(d) The Secretary will maintain possession of, and keep in good order, all business records of the UJNA.

(e) All correspondence relevant to the business of the UJNA will be copied to the Secretary, who will retain it in the association archives.

(f) The Secretary will maintain the archives of the UJNA including a complete set of all past meeting minutes.

(g) The Secretary will maintain control of the UJNA letterhead paper.

4.6  Treasurer Functions:

(a) The Treasurer will keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements of the UJNA in proper books of account, and will deposit all monies in the name and to the credit of the UJNA, in its bank.

(b) The Treasurer will provide the association with a financial summary at each meeting of the association, plus an annual written bank reconciliation/statement in December of each year.

(c) The Treasurer will provide the President Quarterly with a copy of the association’s bank transactions for that period.

(d) The Treasurer will retain control of the UJNA’s banking documents and will not turn such documentation over to any third party without prior Executive approval.

Article 5: BANKING

5.1 The UJNA’s bank is the TO Canada Trust (“Bank”) located at Sherbourne and Bloor. Any change in bank must be approved by the UJNA Executive and take into consideration any additional charges that may pertain to such a change.

5.2 Withdrawals from the UJNA bank account will require two signatures – the signature of the Secretary-Treasurer plus the signature of either the President or Vice-President.

5.3 Upon a change of UJNA elected officers, the President will immediately supply the association’s Bank with a signed motion indicating any alteration in banking authority. Those involved will immediately provide the appropriate banking documentation to support such change in signing authority.


6.1 Meetings will be held quarterly on a date to be determined by the Executive.

6.2. Members may request the addition of an item to a meeting agenda. Requests must be made 48 hours in advance of the meeting. The President must approve all agenda items.

6.3 The Executive will present to the membership annually, its plan for major initiatives to be undertaken by the UJNA for that calendar year.

6.4 A quorum for motions will be at least nine members of the UJNA.

6.5 The Bylaws of the UJNA may be amended only after written notice of the proposed amendment is included in the preceding month’s newsletter or notice of meeting, and following an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present.

6.6 All other motions will require an affirmative vote of the majority of members present.

6.7 In the event of a tie in the election, the Chair will cast the deciding vote.

6.8 All correspondence on behalf of the UJNA will be on UJNA letterhead after approval by the Executive.

6.9 Use of UJNA letterhead will be restricted to the Executive.


7.0 No UJNA member or committee will have the authority or power to commit UJNA to any obligation or course of action without the prior express approval of the UJNA pursuant to Articles 6.5 and 6.6.

7.1 Standing Committees will:

(a) be created by the Executive or by motion

(b) agree on written terms of reference with the Executive

(c) hold regular meetings

(d) keep minutes and provide copies to the Secretary-Treasurer

(e) report to the Executive and members as required by the President

February 1, 2006

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